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​Guest house Dokusyo-no-moril

It has been more than 20 years since opening the book café surrounded by the natural scenery of Mimakigahara tableland.With various key-words, such as Art, Architecture, Education,Earth Ecology, International Wwoof exchange,we have been seeking for the “ real Café “ where people can recover spontaneous humanity and creativity.
Known for owners philosophy and conception for activities,he welcomed the "Doraku organ", removed from Toukamachi city and reconstructed under best cooperation by local native volunteers,many close friends or supporters and even International wwoofers coming from many countries and staying there to share the common spirit.
Pao(mongl house),Straw-bale house \3​​850(with breakfast)
Bus *Sinjuku〜Komoro¥2500  *Kyoto~Komoro¥8800
If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact with us !!

  Access Map: Address: 5179-1 Ooaze Yamaura, Komoro city, Nagano-prefecture , 384-0807 , JapanTel: 0267.25.6393 Fax: 0267.24.0260 E-mail : kp2y-yd@asahi-net.or.jpHome Page: of Owner: YODA Yu & Megumi


Guidebook on how to enjoy Guest House & Book Café in Komoro forest (Guest House &Sabou Dokushonomori)

Site of abandoned Baraumi Primary School:

= Guidebook on how to enjoy Guest House & Book Café in Komoro forest:(Baraumi Primary school exists only on the allegory written by famous writer, MIYAZAWA Kenji, a kind of his own universal image , and he visited on open school day Baraumi Fox primary school. Hoping you to see its Imagination during your stay in this Guest House &Book Café in Komoro forest.)


Chi-chin-pui-pui-no Oka:

Chi-chin-pui-pui-no Oka is a name of our hill. There Douraku Organ stands.

(Chi-chin-pui-pui in Japanese means a kind of spell or charm used so that the pain or wound infants feel can be cured or relieved from if repeated. This Guest House &Book Café is built on Mimakigahara tableland, and you may be cured by kind courtesy on this Hillside with saying “Chi-chin-pui-pui” with no doubt)


Douraku Organ

Famous Picture Book writer and Modern Artist, TASHIMA Seizou and MATSUMOTO Garyu, playing music with so many different kinds of Instruments of old middle ages, and representing unique Donkey Music Band, joined together to create their own unique Artwork, called as “Douraku Organ” transported from Toukamachi city, Niigata Prefecture and rebuild under many volunteers at Guest House &Book Café in Komoro Forest .


Welcome International Overseas and Domestic Visitors for our Guest House&Book Cafe

You can be easily qualified to enjoy real Japanese Local Culture or real life with kind Courtesy you have never touched at Big Modern City or on Michelin guidebook. One day tour is available by Express highway bus only with Yen 2500 one way ticket from Shinjuku, Yen 8800 by overnight bus service from Kyoto to Komoro, we will be welcomed by our free-charged car at Komoro station if booked in advance. For further detailed information, you feel free to send e-mail anytime if necessary. We have already welcomed many overseas visitors from EU, USA, Asian countries.


You can enjoy touching something different here at Guest House &Book Café in Komoro forest from Mega city in Japan through Art, Music, Book, Food, Hot Spar, good experience not made at your home countries, and we are sure you will return in future with your husband or wife you have not yet meet , or take your grandchildren with you 30 years after to reunion with us at the same place as you will enjoy from now.


(MIMAKIGAHARA Tableland and Book Guest House & Café in Komoro forest):

There exists beautiful tableland in the South-western area of Komoro city, in Shinshu ( ancient name of this Nagano prefecture), called as MIMAKIGAHARA, rich of undulation with overview of skyline horizontally. Its name originated from the horse Ranch , presenting horses to the Imperial House during the about 8th to 12th century era .On this beautiful tableland, hundreds of small or big reservoirs (ponds for water supply for agriculture) are made from ancient time, with reflecting color of sky beautifully. Forests and field are well-balanced and scattered throughout the Mimakigahara tableland with good harmony between Nature and our own daily life here.

We were , originally in 1993, eager to estasblish the Space and Time where we can sympathize each other with beautiful landscape, sun-shine, wind, in a plot of this tableland, and started to open Book Café in Komoro forest.


To say the least , the best taste of Coffee in Nagano prefecture,

We are proud of serving best taste of coffee brewed with best quality of coffee beans roasted carefully subject to your each order with Flannel Drip method. In another word, to say the least of it, we are proud of serving best taste of coffee to all of the guests visiting our Book Café in Komoro forest. We can also serve Black Tea as well as Sweets and home-made cakes together. Please enjoy its original taste. We can also recommend to enjoy original Lunch Menu at our Book Café in Komoro forest with us.


= Places, Small houses ,Animals and Activities of Guest House & Book Café in Komoro forest:


1. Site of abandoned Baraumi Primary School: There is field originally named from the allegory written by famous writer, MIYAZAWA Kenji. In summer season, giant purple butterfly(species of nymphalid butterfly, sasakia charonda), rarely seen in Japan , and beetles visit you.

2. Mongolian Gel Tent House:Seeing is believing, you can enjoy real Mongolian Gel Tent life. One night charge including Breakfast is just Yen 3,000 /person/night. Discount charge is available if booked in advance through Internet.

3 Straw Bale House: Earth-friendly house made of Soil and Alga, so-called Air-breezing house. One night charge including breakfast is the same with Gel.

4, Kids Museum Room Mo-Mo-Mo : Kid’s room for Picture Books Rich of many different kinds of Picture Books suitable for Kids, we also offer Special art work exhibition for Paintings, Calligraphy, Engraving, Fabric art, Doll art, Original illustration for Picture book, etc, from time to time, you can touch original taste of Art works in many different fields. One night charge is same with formars.

5. Atelier Studio Mondenkint: We have Dyeing studio. And you can have good experience of weaving fabrics and dyeing work here.

6.A DONKEY and two GOATS are always waiting for you!

7. NPO Activity by Kenjuu kouenrin-no-kai: We also mange Non-Profit organization Activity under the major concept of NAKAYOSHI (Close Friend) sharing the link of Environment, Art and Welfare, including physically or mentally handicapped persons, we can work in keeping urban village Forest in better condition , or organize our own original Art Exhibition of many different fields, or Harvest Festival to share good experience of Eco-life.

8. Supporters:We are looking for members who can share the same concept and support our own activities under the name of Koyagi (Kid) band.(Annual membership fee is Yen 1,000/year/person)


= Event History held by Guest House & Book Café in Komoro forest:

John Lennon Memorial concert, and YUKAWA Tohben Live concert, continue to be held for more than 10 years.Music Live concert by UMEZU Kazutoki/H²O/SASAKI Ryota/OGITAKA“Mother Teresa” Photograph exhibition by OKI Morihiro, who introduced Mother Teresa to Japan for the first time.Talk Show by TASHIMA Seizou, and Movie show “My village in my own picture”“MIYAZAWA KENJI” Exhibition, Artwork presented by YAMAGUCHI Mao, KOBAYASHI Toshiya, KOBAYASHI Atsushi, Slide show of MIYAZAWA Kenji work“Look ! You feel calmness in forest” written by YODA YUU(Slowly YU) became chorus by KOYAMA Shouzou, Music Teacher

Art Exhibition by YAMAGUCHI Mao is very indispensable one for Book Café in Komoro forest.Wedding Reception Party was held at the site of abandoned BARAUMI Primary school of our Book Café inKomoro forest, and its photograph was said to look like Art work of Chagall, famous painter.Our own original writing paper was created by UDAGAWA Shinbun, and YAMAGUCHI Mao in its joint design work.(nouvell vague) New wave Movie Film Festival by TAKAHASHI Biwa, TAJIMA Ken, UDAGAWA Shinbun, KANAI Miwa, OHRAI Emiko.Blind Painter, “MITSUSHIMA-san saw in this way” Painting Exhibition, held with very great reception.Donkey School, a kind of Fiction school Donkey Music Band open every SummerSpecial Book-Reading Event, “Let us Enjoy Word !” with reading KANEKO Misuzu, MIYAZAWA Kenji, TASHIMA Seizou.Movie Show, “Star in daylight” , directed by TASHIMA Seizou .Our Donkey , Zig, image character of our Book Café , was selected on Swiss movie Film, titled by “Donkey Hunt” , as leading actor (!?).Dourku Organ Festival & Mee-Mee-Oka Marshe in 2013. This was the biggest festival of ours.


You feel free to come and see our Goats, Kanon and Kurobeh, as well as kids just born

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